Initiative – 2

Our children is our responsibility

The initiative is a national project that gathers many initiatives form different associations, volunteers and private sectors.

The vision: For the child in the UAE to be the happiest child in the world and has a complete system for leadership, the future

The message: Work to make the child happy.

And providing them with the tools of leadership and future excellence through the development of mechanisms and sustainable community events in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

Creating national initiatives through which we invest creative talents and capabilities in the service of the child and coordinate these efforts and unify them under a clear vision.


We seek to prepare a conscious generation.

And an entrepreneur in decision-making

Preparing future generations who are positive practitioners in raising the nation

Community participation and their integration in community development and recognition of all their rights.

Developing talents and refining them through project implementation.

Providing social and psychological support by professionals.

Creating a platform that brings together all initiatives concerned with children.

Encouraging the largest number of volunteers

To participate

To explore the platform of the initiative, press here.

Takamul Academy is particpating in this national project with its platfrom of TEA Share.

An initiative (TEA Share) to help children, adolescents, and their mothers, from a distance, to develop skills and abilities. The initiative includes the development of basic communication skills:

Such as communication, bidding, negotiation, leadership, creative thinking, decision-making and planning.

Future and problem solving. It also works on building capacities in different fields through various technical and scientific workshops, lectures, interactive games and many interactive tools.

The new initiative is working to transform Takamul enrichment programs after school and during vacations into distance learning through two methods, a platform and a portal for educational entertainment, where Distance learning is the main source of education in light of the Corona pandemic.

Offer lessons and workshops

Live online for learners among mothers and their children, Kindergarten through

Grade 12, connects enthusiastic learners and teachers together to create great distance learning experiences.

To enable the learner to access the recorded

and documented online training courses

and workshops

at any time and anywhere and work at his own pace.

Interested in Volunteering: